Straightforward and Likeable

    “Skilled Educator”

    Dr Ron Hulls
    Dr Ron Hull

    I have known Andrew since 1985 and have found him to be a skilled educator and a straightforward likeable well balanced person.

    I first met Andrew when he was general manager of a plastic food container manufacturing company in Melbourne. He was seeking assistance in implementing a new Quality Assurance System (program) to promote the company’s sales to food companies.  He was quick to grasp complex technical concepts and able to convey to production and marketing staff in a simple way the core messages ensuring successful implementation. Although Andrew has moved to other roles, the food containers company continues to use Andrew’s quality system and has become a significant player in the market.

    Andrew has the rare skill in education of being able to simplify complex subjects and convey to others the key information they need to excel in the workplace.  I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as a coach and educator.

    Dr Ron Hull

    BSc PhD Microbiology, Principal Consultant at Ron Hull & Associates. Food Industry Consultants. Melbourne, Australia.

    No hesitation in recommending Andrew