Time for the Rhino to Roam!

    We’ve just launched the first of our Plated Rhino gear that is available to the general public. Get your gear now and let the Rhino roam wherever you go!

    There’s a variety of clothing available and you can also purchase a pen and coffee mug.

    Polo Shirts have the Plated Rhino logo on the left hand side of the shirt. These are available in 4 colours – Black, Charcoal, Silver Grey and White. The darker colours will have the logo and lettering in white, while the lighter colours will be done in black.

    Great in summer or perfect for the office!

    The hoodies are lovely and warm, with a full zip and pockets to keep your hands warm. You won’t be cold with this on!

    Keep warm with the Rhino hoodie

    The Jackets are a light waterproof rain jacket, with an internal pocket for your phone, glasses or wallet and side pockets for your hands. They come in two different colours – Stone or Black, with the logo in black or white depending on the jacket colour.

    In Andrew’s words “they’re great, they stretch a bit, it’s so light and they feel really good – oh and that internal pocket is great”. If you got the feeling Andrew thought his jacket was great, you were right. Get yours now!

    Jacket in stone colour

    Caps and Beanies – what is summer without a cap and what is winter without a beanie? Now you can walk around and advertise your favourite life coaching company while looking good! The beanie comes with the logo and web address on the front, while the caps look classy with the logo on the front and the web address on the side of the cap. These come in three colours, a grey, dark grey and black. And summer in Australia without a bucket hat? Nope, it just wouldn’t be Australia! We have a bucket hat in black, with the logo on the front and web address on the side. Great for the fishing trip, gardening or the casual look while out and about, and providing great protection from the sun. And of course you’re letting that rhino roam while you’re out and about!

    And if it all gets too cold outside – head in and make yourself a cuppa and drink from the Plated Rhino mug. While you’re there, pen yourself a reminder note with a good quality pen that won’t bust, writes evenly and as a bonus, looks good!

    Plated Rhino mug and pen

    You can find the shop here. Place your order and the team at Plated Rhino will be in contact with you as soon as they can to confirm.

    Take me shopping!