Strength and Determination

    “Strong Entrepreneurial Edge”

    Noel Saliba

    Andrew has been a long-time associate in business and also as a friend for over 20 years. In that time I have found Andrew to be driven for success, have a strong entrepreneurial edge, be a man of integrity and have a great sense of humour. Andrew is very well connected across many industries particularly in Australia, Asia, and the USA. His wide-reaching network demonstrates his people skills and his natural ability to make and maintain great business and personal relationships. Andrew is someone who knows what it is to overcome great struggles both in business and in health. Andrew is someone who does not lose focus on what’s important in life while achieving his business and personal goals. I have found Andrew to have this incredible and unique ability to identify great and timely opportunities for success, take hold of it and then achieve it.  There is no one in my view more qualified as a life coach through their strength and determination to achieve than Andrew.

    Noel Saliba

    Technical Director, Mizzisoft

    “Well Connected”