November 2019

Straightforward and Likeable

    “Skilled Educator” I have known Andrew since 1985 and have found him to be a skilled educator and a straightforward likeable well balanced person. I first met Andrew when he was general manager of a plastic food container manufacturing company in Melbourne. He was seeking assistance in implementing a new Quality Assurance System (program) to promote the company’s sales to food companies.  He was quick to grasp complex technical concepts… Read More »Straightforward and Likeable

    Test post

      This is a test post, so just wait while we build!

      “Transformative Impact”

        “Inspires, Motivates, Equips” I have been a friend of Andrew  for close to 30 years.  He has vast experience in many fields including industry, the service sector and in social services (church and community welfare).  He has been involved in innovative new technologies and has had a transformative impact on various organisations with his drive, creativity and people skills.  Andrew is well liked for his personable manner and is a… Read More »“Transformative Impact”

        Positive, Can Do

          I have had the privilege of knowing Andrew for many years, watching him handle both personal and professional difficulties…

          Compassion and Resilience

            There are many words to describe Andrew but two stand out in his life – compassion and resilience…